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Who am I ? Well, my "daily bread" I make as a programmer or a "datacoordinator" as the businesscard states.   Mostly I work with a very powerful databasetool named FoxPro
Click the Foxhead if you want to learn a little more...


  Where am I ? Mostly close to my hometown Landskrona in Sweden,

Links to :
Useful files  Files library, The Universal Currency Converter, Translations to and from many languages  
  and (last but not least) friends is not so unusual on a page like this, here are the friends :
  Magnus Arveheim - Sweden with music and pictures (in swedish)
  Ulf Carlbark - Sweden with lots of interesting links
  Gunnar Olsson - Sweden for really nice instruments (in swedish)
  Ji Hun Choe - Korea.

Those are just a few of my friends, I have about 7.000.000 of them, believe it or not ...
If you understand that we probably have more in common than surfing the net.
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